If your pass was purchased by a different person and account, it's MANDATORY that you purchase your extras from your individual personal account.

    The limit of purchase is of 5 Autographs per guest.

    The order limit on the website is of 2 Photo OP per guest.
    The limit of purchase is of 2 Photo OP for GOLD and BONUS guests, and of 5 Photo OP for MAIN and REGULAR guests.

    The limit of purchase is of 1 Meet&Greet per guest.


Purchasing extras over the limit will compromise your possibility to purchase other extras in the future. If the availability of extras will be adequated to customer requests and won't damage any participant, we will publish an announcement allowing the purchase of extras over the decided limit.

A second minor session of extra sales will be open further on (LIMITED AMOUNT!)


    The actor will be seated at the table and you will have the chance to receive directly from him/her an autograph. Your extra ticket will be checked at entrance and you will deliver it to the guest assistant at the table.
    - This session is the only one you can eventually give a gift or letter and talk with the guest a little.
    - One extra is valid ONLY ONCE. You can’t ask multiple autographs with one only extra ticket. You CAN’T ask to sign two different  photos/items. You CAN’T ask personal messages on a photo/item AND one Autograph on an other. Every activity is ONE Extra.
    - NO SELFIE.
    - No audio recording.
    - NO hugs.
    - This is NOT a free hugs session or a Meet&Greet, so we kindly ask to limit your chatting to give the chance to everyone to share the same possibility and have their moment with their favourite guest.


    Photo Op means Photograph Opportunity and it's the chance to take a picture with your favourite actor/actress. A professional photographer will take a picture of you and that image will be printed and delivered to you during the Convention. Printed copy is included in the price.
    You can choose between the photo with a single actor, the photo Duo (two actors) Trio (Three actors) or the group photo.
    You can request your digital photos at the price of 2 euros each.

    During the Photo OP session IT'S NOT ALLOWED to disrespect the guest privacy and requests with inappropriate touching:
    - NO to ANY kid of kiss.
    - NO awkward poses.
    - NO inappropriate lifting.
    - You can hug the guest after specific request to the guest and within the limits of RESPECT of their spaces and requests. The RESPECT rule is mandatory. With a respectful behaviour we won’t run the risk to ruin the even for anybody.

    Any disrespect of those rules will result with forcing you outside the event.
    In order to make a photo with a friend, BOTh of you must have purchased the same extra (up to 2 people, not more).
    Every guest has specific poses that would rather not be requested to perform, so our staff will inform you before your turn if that’s the case. Please DO NOT abuse of the guests kindness.

    Through the Meet&Greet, you will be comfortably seated in a private room for a limited group of people (15-20 maximum) and for 30 minutes you can chat, make questions, doing all kind of activities (board game, cards, etc.) with your favourite actors. The use of mobile phones  IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, especially for selfies and audio/video registration. Inappropriate use of mobile phone will result with forcing you outside the event.


All the extras can be bought ONLY by who has already a Pass.
The extras are LIMITED.
Extras that will not be sold out online will be available for sale during the convention.

The limited number could depends on the contracts with the actors and official needs. If we allowed unlimited tickets, we wouldn’t have time to do the rest of the activities  during convention, panel included!


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