• No photo with flash.

  • NO VIDEO/filming/live-streaming.

  • No audio recording.

  • No personal questions (personal relationship, etc..).

  • Wait for your turn patiently.

  • Prepare your question beforehand and, if possible, write it down so you can be ready for your turn.

  • Listen carefully and try not to ask questions that have already been asked.

  • Don’t interrupt the guests or the translator while they are talking.

  • Please keep your voice down so everyone can hear what is being said.

  • If you have to leave the panel room, please be discreet and follow the instruction.

  • It’s not allowed to drink or eat food in the panel room. If we see you doing that you’ll be expelled from the panel room.

  • It’s forbidden to leave the assigned seat to get closer to the stage to take pictures.

  • Don’t go in line for your extra too early or you’ll be asked to come back to your place.



This session is the only one you can eventually give a gift or letter and talk with them a little. It’ll be possible to ask the actor to write a dedication unless the staff says otherwise.

One extra is valid ONLY ONCE. You can’t ask multiple autographs with one only extra ticket.

  • You CAN’T ask to sign two different photos/items.

  • You CAN’T ask personal messages on a photo/item AND one Autograph on another.

  • Every activity is one Extra.

  • NO SELFIE unless included in the extra.

  • Prepare beforehand a post it or a card with your name to show the actor.

  • No audio recording.

  • NO hugs. This is NOT a free hugs session or a Meet&Greet, so we kindly ask to limit your chatting to give the chance to everyone to share the same possibility and have their moment with their favourite guest.



During the Photo OP session IT'S NOT ALLOWED to disrespect the guest privacy and requests with inappropriate touching:

  • NO to ANY kind of kiss.

  • NO awkward poses.

  • NO inappropriate lifting.

  • You can hug the guest after specific request to the guest and within the limits of RESPECT of their spaces and requests. The RESPECT rule is mandatory. With a respectful behaviour we won’t run the risk to ruin the even for anybody. Every guest has specific poses that would rather not be requested to perform, so our staff will inform you before your turn if that’s the case.

  • Please DO NOT abuse of the guests kindness. Any disrespect of those rules will result with forcing you outside the event.

  • There will be 4 standard poses that you can choose among:

  1. Hug

  2. Back to back

  3. Back hug

  4. Fighting

In case you’d like to do something different you will be able to show the pose on your cellphone to the actor and ask for his consent.

When you enter the Photo OP room you will have to take off your pass that it will be returned to you when you’ll go out.



Through the Meet&Greet, you will be comfortably seated in a private room for a limited group of people (15-20 maximum) and for 30 minutes you can chat, make questions, doing all kind of activities (board game, cards, etc.) with your favourite actors. IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN the use of mobile phones especially for selfies, audio/video registration unless they’re requested from the guest and with the consent of our staff. Inappropriate use of mobile phone will result with forcing you outside the event. At the end of the Meet&Greet a group photo will be taken.

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