General sales for Passes will start FRIDAY 31st August 2018, at 2PM ROME TIME on our website
(We remind you minor of 16yo CAN NOT participate to the AFTER PARTY with a Warlock or VIP Pass.)
(clock to use:

- In order to purchase a pass or/and extra, you must create an account on our website

- It's MANDATORY to write both NAME, SURNAME and ADDRESS in your account.

- IMPORTANT: In case the server answers “Payment declined” or “Not Valid authorization” or any other similar messages after your payment, CHECK YOUR EMAIL before proceeding with a second payment try.

If you get issues with 3D Secure internet payment protection, please check with your bank. This might apply to Mastercard or VISA, so we advise you to check with your bank prior purchase attempt.

- Purchases on our website can be processed only via CREDIT/DEBIT/PREPAID CARD (also American Express). 
NO bank transfer (unless by email request due to the impossibility of purchase with your card after at least 10 failed attempts).
NO PayPal.

- Once a purchase is made, you will receive by email confirmation of payment and a code + QR (barcode) related to your pass and your extras. If you don’t receive it, check the SPAM box and/or your account on the website where you can download it from.
If after 12 hours you still do not receive any email or the QR code doesn’t appear in your account, contact us on

THERE IS NO NEED TO PRINT THE QR CODE, you can download the PDF from your account and show it to us on your phone.

- Be SURE of your purchase: once done it can’t be refunded.

-  It’s POSSIBLE to purchase THREE passes (limit) per category with a single account to sit close to your friends: right after the purchase, you MUST send us an email at specifying:   
- Email + account name you used to purchase   
- Type of Passes   
- Name and email of the second and third person account on our website. 

It's MANDATORY that the second (and/or third) person creates an account on because extras MUST be purchased by each singular account.  In case we don’t receive any email, only one pass will be considered valid under the name of the purchasing account, and the remaining purchased pass(es) will be put back on sale, and you won’t get any refund for your missing action, so don’t forget to send us the email!
P.S. In case the request for some passes and/or extras would be too high, the payment attempt might fail, and you shall try more than once.

- EVERY pass category will be numbered in order of purchase.

- Companion Passes will be available on the website and can be purchased in preferred quantity along with ACCESS Passes (which we remind has a limit of 3 per account).

We remind you the specific email address where to send any email related to purchase/inquiries is otherwise indicated.

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