What is The Italian Institute?
The Italian Institute is a two-days event full of activities connected to the Shadowhunters world with some of the actors of the tv series. It involves conferences with Q&A with all the fans (PANEL), photo session (Foto OP), autographs and private meetings with a small group of fan (Meet&Greet).
Each activity has a specific cost.


Can I purchase a photo or any kind of extra for a guest without a pass?
No. No. In order to participate to the Convention and purchase extras (activities), you MUST own a pass.

I'm underage, can I attend the event?
Yes, if you are 14 years old or older you can participate independently.
If you have less than 14yo you MUST bring an adult with you that have to purchase a Companion Pass. In alternative, if the adult wants to participate to the convention, he/she can purchase any dedicated pass. An adult can be the Companion for maximum 2 people underage.
If the companion is not a parent, please contact us if you’re not Italian.
If you’re UNDER 16 years old you CAN’T purchase the After Party ticket.
If you’re UNDER 16 years old you CAN’T join the AFTER PARTY with a Warlock or VIP pass.

What is the exact location of the Con?
NH NH Congress Centre - Assago Milanofiori Strada 2. It' very easy to reach by underground or car and there will be parking as well.


Where and how can I purchase passes ed extras?
You can purchase a pass on www.kineticvibe.net or via email. All details will be found here: SALES.
The email to purchase pass or extras is NOT the general one but theitalianinstitute@kineticvibe.net - ANY email not conformed to indication will be ignored.


If I purchase a pass and I cannot come anymore, can I be refunded?
No, unfortunately. Once you purchase your pass, you cannot be refunded. If the passes (or your pass category), go sold out, you will be allowed to sell it to another interested person AT THE SAME PRICE. FIRST you must inform us and AFTER the authorization you can proceed with the name change. You will be required to send us a receipt/proof of payment or reception of the money. We need to have the name of the previous purchaser and the new one. We will assist you 100% for every problem of this kind.


What happens if a guest cancels the attendance at the Con? And what if I come just for this guest and he/she cancels?
Guests may be subjected to important meetings and work commitment at any time, those kinds of problems are connected to the shootings or other work issues. If this kind of things happen, all the extras for such guest will be refunded or turned into CREDIT to exchange with other extras, with just a few exceptions. The pass will not be refunded because it's connected to the Con and not to a single guest.

Can the adult get the extras with a Companion Pass?

Who owns a Companion Pass will have access to the meeting area outside the Panel and Activities area and the access to the waiting room, therefore he/she is not allowed to purchase any extra. Who, instead, participate in the convention with a pass within the ones dedicated to the event, will be able to purchase any extras like any other attendee.


If I purchase the pass which is for three days, will the extras be worth for all the days?

No, each extra can be used just once.

Are the passes limited?  

All passes (and extras) are limited!

If I buy a pass right now, is it possible to make an upgrade in the future?
It will be possible to upgrade your pass further on IF any other higher category will be available due the time we’ll permit the change. You might upgrade only ONCE.


How does the purchase of the extras work?
You can buy the extras ONLY if you have a pass. If you purchase an extra without a pass, you won't be able to access to the activity you bought nor you can be refunded.
You are limited to ONE ONLY Meet&Greet per guest at the moment, since we can't confirm that each guest will have more than one M&G during the full event.

How many guests there will be in total?
We’re aiming for 10 guests.


What is the difference between regular, main, gold?
The category of the guest is purely decided by the organization based on the popularity of the guest and the extras we decide to include into each pass.


How long is usually the Con? 

12th July: 3PM to 7PM
13th&14th July: 10AM to 7PM.
Registration might happen the 11th afternoon/evening and the 12th morning. More specific and confirmed information will be released around April 2019.

Will the guests be attending all three days? 

Yes and no.
We have special agreements with some guest. Some might participate every day, some only two days or half day for each day.
If we will have guests for ONE day only, it will be announced as SPECIAL.


And what if I can’t attend three days? Will I risk not to attend extra activities?
Yes, the convention starts on FRIDAY afternoon and ends on SUNDAY evening. Not being there for the whole event could mean losing activities and extras that WILL NOT BE REFUNDABLE. The program won’t be released before 1 week from the event.

Is it possible to take pictures and videos in the panel room?

During those kind of events is hard to make attendees follow rules, especially in 2017 when the smartphone is an extension of our body. What we do ask you here is to read with ATTENTION the short paragraph that follows, think about it and act following it. Be wise!

Is officially NOT POSSIBLE to take VIDEOS during most of the panels. If you want to take a few as personal memory you must use NO FLASH,  and we advice not to post many of them on the internet but to keep them for your own memories.
VIDEO and LIVE STREAMING are BANNED. If you’re caught doing so, you will be escorted outside the location and won’t be able to be back nor entitled of any refund.

Not following rules means always two things: problems for the organizers and miscomfort from the guests. Let’s try to avoid this and have fun! 


Will there be a translator for people during the Panel and M&G?

Yes, there will be a translator ENG to ITA for every activities due majority of customers being Italians, but they will be trained not to take much time with the translation.

Is it possible to create fan book for the guest or fan project dedicated to a certain guest?

Yes, you need to send us an email to shadowhunterscon@kineticvibe.net with all the details and the name of a reference. Is approved ONE ONLY fanbook for each guest.

Officially approved fanbooks:


Matthew Daddario: @juls_herondale 

Harry Shum Jr: @banesrune

Katherine McNamara: @KatheraudeITA

Will Tudor: @parabanuke

Jade Hassouné: @CallxmexAli

Luke Baines: ShadowHeavenly

Nicola Correia-Demude: @NicolaCDItalia

Anna Hopkins: @desdemona_angie

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